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Beginner 25 Points Complete 10 stages Medal Stats.
Murder 5 Points Murder an enemy Medal Stats.
Defense 5 Points Obtain the gun Medal Stats.
Money 5 Points Collect a coin Medal Stats.
Arrows Get 10 Points Defeat Glimmer Medal Stats.
Alliance 10 Points Form an alliance. Medal Stats.
Crowd Pleaser 25 Points You call that a kiss? Medal Stats.
To the Dogs 100 Points Defeat Cato Medal Stats.
Grab Bag 5 Points Grab the bag! Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 50 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.

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Newgrounds Rumble Walkthrough

2009-07-31 05:37:43 by Duffle

Medal Game Walkthroughs: Table of Contents

Newgrounds Rumble, winner of the Newgrounds Tank Award for Best Game of 2007, is a flash that pits popular Newgrounds icons against each other in a unique fighting game. Recently, medals have been added, so I decided to create a walkthrough for anyone who needs extra help obtaining them.

As a general tip, while going for the game's medals, it is wise to avoid spending any of the "Grounds Gold" you've earned until you've gotten the "Wall Street Brawler" medal.

There are 13 medals, amounting to a total of 320 points. Many medals can be earned in Versus Mode, which allows you to set up specific situations to earn certain medals. You can set up computer players, change teams, and choose the stage. You can even set the Madness henchmen as opponents if you select Hank and click between his eyes.


Hoarder Patrol (5 points):
To earn this medal, you simply have to grab 3 powerups in any match before the opponent gets one. This can be done in any mode, and is one of the game's easiest medals to obtain. You'll most likely get it while going for the rest of the medals.

People Pancakes (5 points):
This medal is earned by getting at least two opponents killed by the trash compactor in the Junkyard Stage (the medal calls it "Scrapyard", but the game calls it "Junkyard"). This is easily done in the second stage of Pico's story. Simply stand under the compactor and the enemies (and your ally) will follow you. Jump out from under it when you see it light up, and it should smash both opponents. However, the medal is actually easier if you allow yourself to get crushed because it ensures that your opponents won't move out of the way. This is another easy medal, and can be done in a variety of characters' stories.

C-C-Combo Breaker (10 points):
For this, you need to parry 3 times in one jump. A "parry" is executed by holding the block button ("A") right before a hit connects. This can be done easily in any match that pits you against 3 opponents, such as Challenge 11. Jump and repeatedly mash the "A" key. Repeated attempts will eventually result in earning the medal.

Wile E. Ways (10 points):
Have the opponent fall off the stage 3 times in one match. This is most easily done in the "Portal" stage. You computer opponent will eventually fall off if you force it to chase you around the stage. Many stories have 1-on-1 battles in the Portal, one of which is the first stage of the Pico story.

Video Walkthrough by mothballs:

/* */
C-C-Combo Maker (25 points):
Do a total of 80 damage in one jump combo. Preferred characters for this medal are Pico, Samurai Asshole, and P-Bot (personally, I've only done it with P-Bot). These characters have heavy combos (used with the "D" key) that deal repeated damage in air. This might be easier with a powerup that increases attack, but it can be done without one.

Dimplomatically Challenged (25 points):
Clear all 12 challenges. Bear in mind that you can change the difficulty in the options menu.

-Challenge 1:
You play as Tankman against a giant Piconjo, with Alien Hominid and Pico on your team in the Portal stage. This is a fairly easy match, considering it is 3-vs-1. You really shouldn't have any trouble beating it if you know how to play the game.

-Challenge 2:
You play as Nene against 3 Madness henchmen in the Japanese Garden stage. This challenge is also pretty easy, because the henchmen are weak and very easy to knock out.

-Challenge 3:
You play as Alien Hominid against P-Bot in the Meat Locker. Also, your health is constantly being depleted. Use mostly quick attacks to keep P-Bot from attacking. It is also a good idea to stay on the ground between P-Bot and the wire spool so that you can grab any powerups before he can. This match can be made much easier if you are lucky enough to grab some health powerups.

-Challenge 4:
You play as Nene with Pico on your team against Alloy and Alien Hominid. Each character has unlimited access to projectiles. For this match, it is actually better to use quick attacks rather than Nene's knives because they kill your opponents faster and prevent them from shooting. Alloy's gun is much more threatening than Alien Hominid's, so it might be easier to attack Alloy first.

-Challenge 5:
You play as P-Bot against Alloy in the Junkyard. There are also damage-dealing explosions throughout the stage. The easiest thing to do here is to lure Alloy under the compactor for a quick victory. Even without doing this, it is still an easy 1-on-1 battle.

-Challenge 6:
You play as Convict against Samurai Asshole and Alloy in the Portal. This match can be tricky, as it relies mostly on lucky changes with Convict. Try to anticipate powerup appearances to get to them before your opponents. Other than that, try and wait util your opponents are separated and attack the closest one before they can gang-up on you. This match requires a little work, but isn't too difficult.

-Challenge 7:
You play as a tiny Convict against Pico and Alien Hominid in Anywhere, Usa. This match seemed slightly easier than the last, as it is harder to be hit by your opponents. Use the same basic strategy as you did in the last match and you should be fine.

-Challenge 8:
You play as Alloy against Samurai Asshole and his duplicate who can't be attacked. The stage is Piconjo Manor, which you can run through in a clockwise circle. By running around the stage like this, you can attempt to separate the attackable Samurai Asshole from his ghost. Again, attack your opponent when he is alone to prevent being ganged up on.

-Challenge 9:
In this challenge, you must survive as Samurai Asshole for 2 minutes in "Wartorn" (Tankmen Stage) against a powered-up P-Bot, Salad Fingers, and Nene. These characters are somewhat slow and are fairly easy to avoid with the right movements. Just run around the stage for two minutes without worrying about fighting back and you should be fine.

-Challenge 10:
You play as Salad Fingers in Nene's Store against Tankman and Nene. What makes this match difficult is th fact that you can only see in the lower right of the screen, so you need to be very familiar with the stage's layout. Something that slightly helps is the fact that you can see the smoke from a jump, as you'll need to jump if you want to get the powerups at the top. Salad Fingers' "projectile" can really help for area damage if you're able to get it. Try and attack one opponent at a time; after one is down the match will be a lot easier.

-Challenge 11:
This challenges is a free-for-all match where you fight as Hank against Salad Fingers, Alien Hominid, and Tankman in the Padded Cell. Just allow the three to fight each other and get hits in whenever you can. This match is pretty easy, as your opponents will spend a lot of time attacking each other.

-Challenge 12:
In the final challenge, you play as Piconjo and team up with Convict against Alien Hominid and Pico in the Padded Cell. This is a standard 2-vs-2 match and shouldn't be too difficult. For ganging up on characters with Convict, use Piconjo's quick attacks, as his heavy attacks leave you open to one of your two opponents.

Meat Shield (25 points):
Get an opponent to kill someone on his or her team with a projectile. This can be done in any team match. Just wait for a character to get the projectile powerup and stay behind that opponent's teammate. The opponent will shoot at you and hit the other opponent. Make sure you wait until the other opponent has low life so that it can be killed easily. An easy match for this is Challenge #2. The Madness henchmen have low health and can easily kill each other if one of them has a gun.

Survival Horror (25 points):
You must play Survival mode (after buying it for 1000 gold) on OMFG difficulty and beat the first 5 opponents. You play in the Portal and fight Alloy, Pico, P-Bot, Nene, and Samurai Asshole. I got this playing as Pico, because he has a large amount of health and a good aerial combo. Try to get in hits and anticipate powerup appearances to give yourself an edge. If you get low on health, run around the stage until a health powerup appears. For a slight advantage, you might want to buy the Regeneration powerup so that it can appear. If the opponent happens to grab the Orbital powerup (if you've bought it), just avoid them until it disappears. Also, be wary of mines. For some reason, a mine placed on the middle platform by your opponent can hit you if you're directly under it. The medal will take some practice, but it is nowhere near impossible.

Wall Street Brawler (25 points):
Earn at least 5000 gold and enter a match to earn this medal. This means that you should not spend any gold until you get this medal. Keep in mind that the lower difficulties earn you less gold, so this might be difficult if you're playing on easy. I noticed that completing all challenges and all stories (besides Convict and Piconjo who must be purchased) on normal mode should earn you a little more than 5000 gold.

The Eventually Ending Story (50 points):
Clear all 12 characters' stories. For the most part, this is easier than challenge mode. The major exception is the last match of Convict's story. You might want to play this on easy mode, but it is still possible in normal mode. Beating this particular match relies mostly on luck, so hope for good transformations and make sure to grab the powerups.

Trangressive Compulsive (100 points):
To get this, complete all challenges, complete all stories, and buy everything. Make sure you also do the tutorial at some point, because it counts towards completion. You should get the medal when you enter a match with 100% completion (you can check your percentage on the data screen in the options menu).

SECRET 1 (5 points):
Very easy to obtain. Just get the medal above and you should be able to find it.

SECRET 2 (10 points):
It involves playing as a character that you can't select by normal means. No, it has nothing to do with Convict, and it must be done in Versus mode.

Side note: You can check the version of this game on the Data Screen. The current version is 1.55, which is necessary for obtaining all of the medals due to some bug fixes.

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